Friday, September 24, 2010

10th Annual Neighborhood Bike Ride!

Saturday, October 2, 2010
Starting point: Central St. and Baxter Ave.
Free safety checks begin at 9 a.m
Ride leaves at 10 a.m.

When we started the ride on Market Square in 2001, there wasn’t much else happening on Saturday mornings. Things have changed dramatically (for the best!), so we have decided to move north where we can spread our wheels.

The start location for this year's ride will be the corner of Central St. and Baxter Ave. We’ll tour Old North, Parkridge, the Old City and Mechanicsville for this year's ride. When we return, the Happy Hollerpalooza festival will be getting under way. Free parking is available at the Knox Central building, 1000 N. Central.

As always, all ages and skill levels welcome, and helmets required. There will be some hills, since this is East Tennessee, but we try to limit them, and we don’t leave anyone behind. The route is less than 12 miles (takes a little more than an hour, including a rest stop).

Three Rivers Market will have refreshments for us at the beginning of the ride. Participants will also receive cards good for a discount at Magpies, Time Warp Tearoom and Freezo, in lieu of our usual after-ride pizza.

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