Thursday, January 28, 2010

Henley Bridge meeting

Great turnout at the public meeting last night! About 50 people were there and only one person spoke against the bike lanes (because he thought it was too dangerous for bicyclists to be on the road). I saw a lot of the bike community there--thanks for coming out! Sounds like the City has received a lot of email comments in favor of the bike lanes as well. They say TDOT is very receptive to the requested change in plans. The start date of the project is still up in the air because of funding issues, and construction will take 30 - 36 months.
(wacky headline since all but one person spoke in favor of the bike lanes)

Bike-friendly legislation

A great bill was introduced yesterday in Tennessee legislature. Everyone should contact their state senators and representatives to let them know your thoughts!*SB 3057 by *Woodson ( HB 3131 by *Brooks H) Traffic Safety - As introduced, authorizes bicycles to proceed through intersections with inoperative vehicle detection devices due to the weight of the bicycles. - Amends TCA Section 55-8-110.

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(Technically, it is metal content, not weight, that triggers the detection but certainly carbon fiber bikes don't weigh as much as metal bikes!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blog question

Hello, loyal followers!

I know I have been remiss in posting here. It seems that facebook has been much more active, as well as knoxvillecycling forums. How many of you are not on facebook or Would you be willing to use one of those methods of getting info instead of this blog? Any other thoughts on the best methods of communication?