Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5th annual Tour de Lights

What happens when it doesn't rain and is 60 degrees in December? You get nearly 500 bicyclists turning out for the Tour de Lights! It was a great time.

Links to photos:
Bicycle Program website
Stuck Inside of Knoxville blog
Facebook page

Links to videos:
Your Tube

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Local bicyclist attempting to set world records

Message from Gerry Eddlemon, who won the World Cup of UltraCycling earlier this year, and is looking for a little help to set some records:

Some of you may recall that I was all set to attempt several bicycling world records last May near Fayetteville, NC, but the Bladen County maintenance department tore up part of the course just three days before I was to make the attempts.

The weekend of November 5, I will once again attempt to set UltraMarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) records for the 100-mile, 200-mile, 12-Hour, and, body, soul, and God willing, the 24-Hr and 1000-Km (621 miles!) time trials in the GrandMasters Division over near White Oak, North Carolina, all as one big ride. White Oak is about 20 miles southeast of Fayetteville.

The 20-mile course, situated in in the beautiful, rural Carolina Bays area, has been approved and certified by the UMCA. The UMCA by the way, is the only world organization overseeing and certifying ultramarathon racing and record attempts. Only one cyclist is allowed to attempt these records at a given time.

However, one of the biggest and seemingly perennial challenges in making these record attempts is acquiring enough officials to be able to make the record attempts in accordance with UMCA rules.

If you have any interest at all in this kind of endeavor, I would be most appreciative, and honored, if you would consider serving as an official for these record attempts (it's easy, and no experience necessary!) beginning the morning of Nov. 5. I would be finishing morning of Nov. 6 or 7 if I have enough officials on hand for different shifts, but even if I have only two or three officials I am still allowed to go for the 100-mi, 200-mi, and 12-hour records. So, even if you can serve only on Nov. 5, that would still be most helpful.

All reasonable expenses related to this effort (UMCA membership fee, meals, gas, and lodging) will be reimbursed by me.
Anyone at least 21 years old can serve as a UMCA official. Officiating is quite simple and no experience is necessary. But would-be officials do have to read the rules.

If you think you, and your significant other if he or she is interested, might enjoy this kind of adventure (think of it as an all-expenses-paid vacation to the lovely Carolina Bays ; > ), please let me know at your earliest convenience because some simple forms must be received by the UMCA no later than the day before the event.

I will be glad to walk you by phone through the simple paperwork at the UMCA website: www.ultracycling.com

So far, everyone who has participated as officials or crew in my past record attempts with me has given every indication it was a fun and rewarding experience.
Those of you who do not know or remember me may well wonder if I have any idea of what I’m doing. Just so you know, I am most fortunate to be the current UltraMarathon World Cup Champion (“he said with blushing modesty. . .”), and, with 63 US state and Canadian province crossing records and time trial records, the UMCA has declared me the all-time UMCA record setter. If you have any interest in how an old guy of 65 managed to snatch a World Cup championship, please go to the UMCA on-line magazine:
I almost forgot, the UT Torchbearer on-line also did a recent story with photos on my world championship:

By the way, for what it's worth, the 10-day forecast calls for 69 deg and sunny at White Oak NC, but colder and wetter conditions here -- so I bet most of you would rather officiate a record attempt than ride!.
If I don't get enough officials for Nov. 5, I may try for Nov. 12, so if any of you are interested but unavailable on Nov. 5, let me know.
Hope to see you soon, if not November 5 or 6, then at a local ride.
All the best,


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Neighborhood Bike Ride

11th Annual Neighborhood Bike Ride
Saturday, October 22, 2011
Ride leaves at 10:30 a.m. and visits North Hills, 4th & Gill, Belle Morris, and Edgewood Park.

Meet on Central Street, just north of Baxter Avenue.
Sign in, bike safety checks and bike helmet decorating start at 9:30 a.m.
Helmets required. All ages and skill levels welcome.

NEW! Families with small children and people not up for more hills can do the short route, which will include a fun-filled rest stop with kids activities. Everyone will be together for the beginning and end of the route. Refreshments and more activities will be available after the ride. Hollerpalooza street festival will be going on as we get back as well.

If you plan to participate in the bike ride, please RSVP so we can have a head count for the post-ride refreshments

Ride sponsored by the City of Knoxville and Knoxville Regional Bicycle Program.

Friday, October 7, 2011

New bicycle counts available!

We conduct bicycle and pedestrian counts twice a year. We just did the latest counts on September 27th. It was a beautiful day and counts were high. We set a record high at James Agee/Cumberland, and other counts were on par with our highest count day, back in October 2008. We were much higher than the past two years. The full record of our counts can be found at http://archive.knoxmpc.org/locldata/TrafCnts/bike_ped.pdf

Friday, September 9, 2011

Why we aren't Europe (or, Have you seen that video of people biking in Amsterdam?!)

I am reposting this from the Assoc. of Pedestrian and Bicycling Professionals listserv because I think it is the best summary of these issues that I have seen:

"Culture is constructed. A big difference between the US and Europe is the number of people who live in cities vs. the number who live in the suburbs. Gasoline prices are significantly different. It's a lot harder and more expensive to get a drivers license in Europe. Car excise taxes are much higher. In many European cities, it is very hard to get urban parking privileges. (E.g., in DC, a residential parking permit costs $15/year.) Etc.(Sorry to be pedantic.)

So bikes and cars (and transit) aren't on a level playing field, motor vehicle based mobility occupies a privileged position. That's not about culture or norms, it's about policy.

But I raise the issue of cities vs. suburbs for two reasons (1) because in cities speed limits tend to be significantly lower than in suburbs. And with slower speeds and shorter distances between stop and yield signs and traffic signals, traffic moves much more slowly. In such situations it's a lot easier to ride in mixed traffic situations. It helps that the distances between origins and destinations can be relatively short.

(2) in most cities, with the exception of parts of DC, Boston, NYC, Chicago, Seattle, SF, Portland, LA, and parts of certain others, trends still don't favor urban living, therefore trends don't favor urban biking.

Biking as transportation is a class movement (well, it's bimodal, and also appealing to people who can't afford a car). And for the people with choices living in the suburbs, generally lack of facilities, high speeds on traffic engorged arterials, and long distances between origins and destinations makes biking comparatively impractical.

In DC I do feel like I am seeing a lot more bicyclists in the core of the city, and especially women, in significant numbers. The city has two cycletracks (but one, on PA. Ave. isn't in an area where people are likely to use it) and a few trails. Most transportational cyclists ride in places with either no lanes or lanes, not cycletracks. I attribute this to the class/choice factor mostly, co-incident with the change in attitudes that favors living in DC (as opposed to the suburbs). This has been a phenomenon of the past 5-7 years especially (e.g., you could still buy commercial buildings in now hip areas for under $200K through early 2003).

I get "riled up" when people talk about "bicycle culture" or similarly "how people in Portland are somehow unique and atypical."

What is atypical about Portland is that around 1970 they began developing a sustainable transportation policy (they tore down a freeway), and prioritized public investment downtown including bus transit, later extended to light rail and streetcar transit, and then to the support of bicycling. That's not culture. It's policy, and it's taken them 40 years to get to where they are.

Only by understanding this process, that it is a process, and not something that derives from drinking special koolaid, or special "culture" can we make comparable progress with sustainable transportation policy elsewhere. (This pertains to Copenhagen and Amsterdam as well.)"
--Richard Layman

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Benefit for Steve Hancock, local cyclist

Saturday, September 17 at 3:00pm
Barley's - Old City

For many years, Steve Hancock has had a saying: Make hard jobs easier.

Hancock, a local musician and cycling enthusiast, was riding his bicycle on May 5 when he was struck in the right lane by an uninsured motorist. His bicycle was destroyed and he was thrown far from the road, sustaining many horrible injury to his lower torso and legs. The cost of putting him on the road to recovery was and is staggering. Rehabilitating his damaged body and paying for the attention he needs to do so is a very hard job.

And we are going to make that hard job easier. If you'll help.

On September 17, Barley's will host a benefit concert featuring various Knoxville bands (many of which include cyclists). There will also be multiple morning bike rides which will end at Barley's for the show (details coming). There will also be several fantastic items silent-auctioned off, including merchandise from local businesses and an painting by local artist Jenna Hancock, inspired by her father.

Bike ride details (among other details) will be posted in the next few days. Here is the line-up:

Outside performances by:
3pm - Will Fist
4pm - Econopop
5pm - Greg horne
6pm - Katieand the Bass Drums

Inside performances by:
8pm Stolen Sheep
9pm The Tim Lee 3
10pm Three Man Band
11pm Senryu (and guests)
12pm Fine Peduncle

Cover: $10 (or more, if you feel like being completely awesome)
Age: All Ages during the day, 18+ after 10 (subject to clarification)

There will also be a website where donations will be accepted for Steve and his family, for people who cannot travel in for the show, or those who wish to donate after the event. URL soon!

WUTK is really nice to sponsor this! They are nice to support so much, so often, and also deserve your support.

PLEASE SHARE THIS EVENT. Help us show love to a family that shows non-stop love to Knoxville and Knoxville music.

Online Donation link here: http://www.rockandrollvelodrome.edgereg.com/ 100% of the donations will be disbursed to the Hancock family by the Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UT Launches Nation's First Fully Automated E-bike Sharing System

UT Launches Nation's First Fully Automated E-bike Sharing System

KNOXVILLE--The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is home to the nation's first automated electric bicycle (e-bike) sharing system. The pilot program is the subject of a research study by civil and engineering assistant professor Chris Cherry and Stacy Worley and David Smith from biosystems engineering. If successful, it may be adopted into a full-scale program by the university.

The system will introduce two bike sharing stations with 10 bikes each--seven e-bikes and three bicycles. The first station is on Presidential Court. A second station is slated for installation on the Agriculture Campus.

The media are invited to view and test the e-bikes from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 7, at Presidential Court. Interviews will be available.

"We are pleased to add the e-biking share program as we work to become a more pedestrian and bike friendly campus," said Jeff Maples, senior associate vice chancellor for finance and administration. "This effort also fits in well with our campus’ commitment to sustainability and energy savings. It is yet another way UT is blazing a new trail in our long term climate commitment and energy savings and efficiency goals."

An electric bicycle is a bicycle with an attached motor which activates when pedaling gets more difficult for the rider. The sharing station consists of an integrated bike rack with a battery-charging kiosk which distributes batteries to those who check out e-bikes. The system is fully automated. Users simply swipe their university ID cards to check out and return bikes to the station when finished. The pilot test is free to subscribers within the UT community.Currently, the project is recruiting 200 volunteers for two-month cycles for the academic year.

The e-bike is heralded as an environmentally friendly alternative to driving. Cherry notes they could be a part of a solution to three related problems: environmental degradation that impacts public health, quality of life and economic security; over-reliance on insecure energy; and a public health crisis of obesity related to inactivity.

"Electric bike sharing has a chance to introduce much more people to mild active transport," said Cherry. "Nobody wants to work too hard to get around campus but would still like to get some exercise in their daily activities. This system will provide that, improving the users' health and also reducing emissions."

The goal of Cherry's study is to test the operational and economic feasibility of introducing electric bikes in a shared bike system and also test how users respond to them.

"We want to test the technology, operations, environmental impacts, travel demand, impacts on physical activity and economics of developing such a system," said Cherry. "With this being the first fully automated electric bike sharing system in the country, and one of the first in the world, we hope to prove or disprove many of the assumptions that are attached to such a system."

Cherry hopes the program is attractive to both bike and non-bike users and to leverage his research into developing a full-scale program that can be adopted by the university as part of its Make Orange Green environmental initiative.

"This is a very car-oriented campus, and UT is committed to providing high-quality alternative transportation modes to get to and from campus and to get around campus," he said. "This is a research project first but could provide a highly sustainable alternative model should the university adopt it."

The bike sharing program is funded by the University of Tennessee Student Sustainability Initiative, Southeastern Transportation Center and Tennessee Department of Transportation, with support from Currie Technologies, Fountain City Pedaler and UT's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and the Biosystems Engineering and Soil Sciences Department. For more information, visit www.cycleushare.com.

For more information on UT Knoxville's sustainability efforts, visit the Make Orange Green website at http://environment.utk.edu.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ride calendar update

Just a few of the rides you have to choose from! (Not intended to be comprehensive.)

Weekly Rides


KnoxRevolution Road Ride
6:30 p.m.
start at Coulter’s Bridge (Hwy 321 then left on Tuchaleechee Pike, 1.7 miles to Coulter Bridge)
18 – 34 miles, depending on group
13 to 16 mph
No drop ride
Contact Linda at gray2527@bellsouth.net


SMW Beginner Road Ride
6 p.m.
start at Fountain City Pedaler.
26 miles
12 to 14 mph pace.
No drop ride
Email tdools03@gmail.com for more info.

TVB Beginner Mountain Bike Ride
6:30 p.m.
start at Ijams parking lot
about 5 miles
Call 540-9979 for info.

Fountain City Pedaler Road Rides
6 p.m.
start at Fountain City Pedaler
25 and 35 mile options
14-16 and 18 - 21 mph, respectively
No drop ride.
Call 357-1580 for info.


Cycology social-paced Road Ride
9 a.m.
start at Cycology Bicycles
30 to 35 miles
15 to 17 mph
No drop ride
Email hiknakd@hotmail.com or dana.r.davidson@gmail.com for more info

Upcoming Events

Oak Ridge Velo Omnium
August 6-7, 2011
Details at http://www.oakridgevelo.com/

Barley's Cycling Classic
September 17, 2011
66, 50, and 30 mile ride options. More info and registration at http://racedayevents.net/events/barley-s-autumn-cycling-classic/

October 8
SMW Fall Century
Details to come at http://www.smwbike.org/

October 22
Neighborhood Bike Ride
Ride leaves at 10:30 a.m.
1000 N. Central St.
New this year is a short option for families and people who don’t want to do many hills
Details to come at http://www.knoxtrans.org/bikeride/index.htm

For more ride info, check calendars of:
KnoxRevolution (women's club)
AMBC (mountain biking)
Foothill Striders
Rocker Riders (recumbents)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Peopleforbikes pledge

Peopleforbikes is trying to get one million signatures in support of bicycling. They were in Knoxville yesterday at Market Square Farmers' Market, and lots of bicyclists showed up, from road bikers, commuters, to mountain bikers. Plus, there were the random passers-by who bike on the greenways. It was wonderful to show off our bicycling community to this national organization! They seemed impressed by how close knit we are.

Please show your support for bicycling by signing their pledge. I promise it's the most simple, straight-forward pledge you'll ever sign.

Here's what it says:
I am for bikes. I'm for long rides and short rides. I'm for commuting to work, weekend rides, racing, riding to school, or just a quick spin around the block. I believe that no matter how I ride, biking makes me happy and is great for my health, my community and the environment we all share. That is why I am pledging my name in support of a better future for bicycling — one that is safe and fun for everyone. By uniting my voice with a million others, I believe that we can make our world a better place to ride.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Air Quality Alert Days and Biking

I've been hearing from people asking if they should be biking on the numerous air quality alert days we have had, and will continue to have all summer. Air quality alerts are forecasts for the following day, so not every alert day turns into a day when we actually exceed the AQ standards. (Just as it does not rain every day it is forecast to rain.) Here in Knox County, we have had 5 days that turned into "orange" days versus many more alert days (I have lost count!). Granted, five days is a pretty significant number, considering our hottest weather is still to come (one would assume!).

You can find the current air quality as well as the current forecast online. Put in your own zip code if you wish, but it is a regional map.

It's definitely safe to bike in the mornings because it is generally not until 3 p.m. or later that the ozone level goes above 100 (turning it into an orange day). If you can carpool or take transit home, that would be ideal. I try to bike home slowly so that I am not breathing hard (thus, not taking in as much pollution, and not breathing it as deeply). Not sure if this does much good. There is also the question of what the difference truly is, healthwise, between a day that it reaches 99 and the day that it reaches 101.

I am not an expert on this, and the recommendations change based on new research all the time. Given that, here is some info I have compiled:

From Bad Air Day, Air Quality and Your Health

Dr. Frank Gilliland, an expert in environmental health at the University of Southern California (says) “High levels of ozone reduce lung function and lead to inflammation, or swelling, in the airways...”

Ozone’s effects can come on quickly and linger or even worsen with time. “When people hear it’ll be a bad air day, most expect their breathing will be affected that day. But in fact, they often feel the effects most strongly the next day or the day after,” says Dr. David Peden, an environmental medicine researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

From Ozone and Your Patients' Health: Training for Health Care Providers

Information from clinical, epidemiological, and animal studies...indicates that exposure to ambient ozone is a risk factor for triggering short and long-term health effects... It is desirable, in general, for people to reduce both their short-term and their cumulative exposure to ozone.

From Health: Air pollution, the invisible threat

“Healthy, active people tend to underestimate the harmful effects of polluted air, because they don’t wheeze or experience chest pain,” says Dryer. “Experiencing no symptoms of anything wrong, they continue to exercise, putting themselves at greater risk.”

Faced with all this data, should we all quit our two-wheel habit? Despite the darkening diesel cloud, spiking asthma rates and proliferation of heart-stopping studies, all the experts assure me that, on balance, cyclists are doing themselves more good than harm.

He suggests changing my daily gym trip to early in the morning, when diesel particulates, ozone and other air pollutants are at their lowest levels, or after nightfall, when traffic abates.

Here is some info from:
How Air Pollution Affects Your Lungs

People who already have serious diseases such as asthma and diabetes, as well as pregnant women and the elderly, are more susceptible to...air pollution. However, people with no apparent problems can develop issues if they are exposed...too long or too often.

Air pollution can affect your lungs by causing coughing, sneezing, watering eyes, shortness of breath and actual asthma attacks (even if you have never had one before). In an asthma attack, your lungs become swollen and your airways shrink, which lessens the amount of oxygen getting to your lungs....

Prolonged exposure has been proven to lead to...lung diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Casual bike ride

In the first of a series of summer events, join the Bike Collective for a ride on Sunday, June 19, 1 p.m., starting from Market Square.

As summer rolls in, roll your lazy, sweaty, bike-lovin’ self down to Ijams where the cool air from the caves lingers in the upper 60s. A leisurely cruise across Gay St. bridge and down through Island Home will end at the Meads Quarry parking lot. From there it's a short walk to the Ross Marble site and sweet respite from the heat.

Bring plenty of water. Lemonade and tunes provided. Return home at your own pace, or with the group around 4 p.m. for Marble City beer at the Bistro.

Look for us on Facebook as Joe Bikecollective

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tour de Cure

The 2011 Knoxville Tour de Cure offers several routes to choose from including: a 12mile family ride, and 25, 62, and 100 mile rides through the scenic back roads of East Tennessee.

Register at www.diabetes.org/tour
Click on Tennessee
Click on Knoxville
USE THE PROMO CODE:pilot (all lower case)

Start times will be early to avoid any unexpected heat and close enough to ride with your team so you can meet back up with you to enjoy the festivities. We will start off at World’s Fair Park and head into the beautiful back country roads of East Knox County. This route has it all... hills, valleys and streams! A ride that’s full of fun and challenge. Each route will loop back to the start/finish line where you can expect some great food and live music.


All meals are included starting with breakfast during registration, refreshments and snacks on the route, and a fully catered meal at the finish line. Back at the Finish line you will enjoy massage, a health festival, great food and music and kids activities.

The route will be fully supported this year with plenty of rest stops, SAG vehicles, HAM operators, bike mechanics, EMT cyclists and a full time ambulance stationed at the Start/Finish line provided by Rural Metro.

Register as an individual or create a team. An online webpage will be created for you with your permission where you can send out letters to family and friends. Fundraising online is simple to do. Or register by phone: Ben Bass @ 865-524-7868 x: 3342.

Are You a Red Rider? Or is someone you know?
It’s our way of recognizing those affected by diabetes, and giving them a special day to celebrate their accomplishments of battling this disease.
A Red Rider lives with diabetes every day, type 1 or type 2. You are why we ride and we want to celebrate you at the Tour de Cure. Register and learn more about the Red Rider program on the Red Rider page on this site and from your local coordinator at 1-888-DIABETES.

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

World’s Fair Park
12 Miles: 8:00 a.m. Check-in, 9:00 a.m. Start
25 Miles: 8:00 a.m. Check-in, 9:00 a.m. Start
62 Miles: 6:30 a.m. Check-in, 7:30 a.m. Start
100 Miles: 6:30 a.m. Check-in, 7:30 a.m. Start

Minimum Fundraising is $150 per person for anyone ages 19 and up.
$75 for anyone between ages 12-18. Kids under 12 can ride for free.
The FAMILY RIDE will leave World’s Fair Park utilizing the Greenways out to Bearden’s EarthFare and back.

TREK is bringing in a trailer full of approximately 80 bicycles for you try out. You can even ride their $5,000 bicycles in the Tour de Cure on June 11th.
To Reserve your Trek Demo bike:
-Select the Model and Size
-Measure your current bike nose of saddle to bar, saddle to bottom bracket bolts, top of bar to ground)
-Provide your own shoes and pedal on day of event
-Stop by CEDAR BLUFF CYCLES OR CALL 865-692-1010
-Return bikes to the Demo Trailer in World’s Fair Park on June 11th by 4pm.

I Bike KNX safe biking pledge

Sharing the road means everyone following the same rules, being predictable and communicating with each other. By making this pledge, you'll be doing your part to make Knoxville a safer place to bike, and encouraging others to get on their bicycles, too. And we’ll send you an "I Bike KNX" bike and helmet sticker for pledging! Pledge at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9YDB796

This offer is open to residents of the TPO planning area surrounding Knoxville, Tennessee. http://www.knoxtrans.org/maps/tpo_aq/tpo_area.pdf

Bring your bike helmet in, sporting the I Bike KNX sticker, when you bike to one of our partnering businesses to receive a discount. Make sure you're connected to us on facebook to hear about limited-time discounts throughout the year.

Discounts during June:

Glowing Body, $5 off Regular class drop in rate
Mast General Store, 20% off a regularly priced item (limit one per visit)
Magpies, free single cupcake (limit one per customer during May)
Market Square Farmers' Market, no service charge on Market Money purchases
Old City Java, 10% discount
Three Rivers Market, free beverage from the cooler, some restrictions apply
Tomato Head, free soft drink or tea with $5 purchase

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bike to Work Day 2011

We had a record turnout for the 11th annual Bike to Work Day! More than 67 people stopped by Market Square on the way to work to enjoy free biscuits and coffee. There was also a record number of convoys traveling to the event from all directions. The competition for the Best Dressed Commuter awards was tough!

winners in each category:
Female: Reesa Rimmer
Male: Jason Carpenter
Most Professional: Ben Epperson
Most Original: Scott Smith

Thanks to Trio for donating the coffee and Pete's for providing biscuits at a discount. And thanks to our terrific volunteers!

Remember to log your bike commute with Smart Trips at http://www.logknoxsmarttrips.org/Public/UserSignIn.aspx. Even if you didn't make it to Market Square this morning, we will send you a $3 gift card to Mast General as a token of appreciation. And the I Bike KNX helmet discounts for Bike Month have been extended to the end of June, so there is still time to make the safe biking pledge and get your helmet sticker. http://www.knoxtrans.org/bikeambassadors/index.htm

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bike Month, week 3

It was a big weekend with the AMBC Poker Ride, a bike rodeo in Townsend, and a triathalon in town. And there is lots going on this week! Check our website for bike classes and rides: http://www.knoxtrans.org/bikemonth/index.htm

Wednesday, May 18
Ride of Silence
6:45 p.m.
Start and end at the Blount County Courthouse parking lot near 321 and Court Street. This 8-mile community ride, at slow speeds and with a police escort, raises awareness of the need to share the road safely. The ride is in memory of people who were killed or injured while riding bicycles. More details are at www.jeffrothcyclingfoundation.org, or email rideofsilence@jeffrothcyclingfoundation.org

Bike to Work Day
Friday, May 20
Join the hundreds of people who already know the benefits of bike commuting! Try it once and we know you’ll love it. And if you log your bike commute with Smart Trips, we’ll send you a little “taste of what’s to come” – a Mast General gift card good for a ½ lb of their famous bulk candy selection. If you keep logging bike commutes, there will be more treats in your future!

Breakfast station & Best Dressed contest
7:30-8:30 a.m.
Market Square
Stop by Market Square as you ride your bike to work and grab a biscuit (with your choice of yummy filling) from Pete’s and coffee donated by Trio Cafe. Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed bike commuters, so break out those suits and high heels! Awards will announced at 8 a.m.

Bike to Work Convoys
Friday, May 20
Want to bike to work, but aren’t sure about the best route? Or would you just like some company along the way for a change? Meet at one of these locations to join the movement (call 215-3815 for more info):

7 a.m., North Knoxville to downtown and UT. Meet at Office Depot/Food City parking lot on Broadway, 4212 N Broadway.
7 a.m., East Knoxville to downtown and UT. Meet at Holston River Park, 3300 Holston Hills Road (top parking lot by pavilion).
7 a.m. Northwest Knoxville to West Knoxville (Papermill Drive). Meet at Kroger parking lot, 4440 Western Avenue.
7:15 a.m., Bearden to downtown and UT. Meet at Third Creek Greenway trailhead, Earth Fare parking lot, 130 Forest Park Blvd.
7:15 a.m., South Knoxville to downtown and UT. Meet at Food City parking lot, 4580 Chapman Highway.

Thursday, May 19 (due to a lot of compressed work week schedules)
7:45 a.m., Oak Ridge to ORNL. Meet at Jackson Square.

Sunday, May 22
I Bike KNX Festival
2-5 p.m.
Tyson Park
Bicycle Bingo scavenger hunt. Bike and helmet decorating area. Pedal-powered smoothies. Track stand contest. Gear swap area. Bike shops and club booths.

2:30 p.m. Flat tire changing demo
Bicycle touring tales
3:00 p.m. Meet your Bicycling Ambassadors
3:15 p.m. Track stand contest
3:30 p.m. Flat tire changing demo
Bicycle touring tales
4:30 p.m. Kids Bike Parade

And if you want to bike to the festival from West Knoxville, you can meet up with this informal group ride (avg 10-12 mph, about 30 miles roundtrip). The group will leave the festival around 4:15 p.m. to return to the start location.

Meet at 1:45 p.m.
Ten Mile Greenway trailhead, Wynnsong Theater, 200 N. Peters Rd

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bike Month 2011

Bike Month is going by fast! We had a Bicycling Ambassadors booth at the opening day for Market Square Farmers Market, and also at Maryville Farmers Market. This weekend we are holding a kids bike rodeo at Townsend's Child Safety Day.

The big events are less than two weeks away! Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 20th and the I Bike KNX Festival is Sunday, May 22. Details at http://www.knoxtrans.org/bikemonth/index.htm

There's still time to get your I Bike KNX bike and helmet stickers. If you bike to one of our participating businesses and show off your helmet sticker, you'll get a discount or goody as a thank you. Check out http://www.knoxtrans.org/bikeambassadors/index.htm for details. There are lots of discounts for May, but we'll continue to have them throughout the year. Make sure you are following us on facebook to get notices about new discounts. www.facebook.com/bikeknoxville

Please note: this program is only for residents of the Knoxville region--we have ended up on a lot of freebie websites and gotten 800+ requests from people all over the country! We had no idea the stickers would be so popular.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Knoxville's first Blessing of the Bikes

Sunday, May 1
Blessing of the Bikes
3-5 p.m.
Messiah Lutheran Church, 6900 Kingston Pike

A non-denominational blessing of bicyclists and their bicycles. All are welcome. Free maintenance checks by the Bike Zoo. Helmet safety checks. Free coffee provided by MoJoe’s Trailside Coffeehouse.

The Blessing of the Bikes is an annual tradition in which bicyclists are blessed by a priest or pastor in the hope that it will bring safety for the coming season. The first mass blessing of bicycles was held in 1999 at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City. Since its beginning the ceremony has been non-denominational, focusing more on rider safety than religion. The popularity of the service has encouraged other localities to follow suit. Annual blessings are held from Burlington, Massachusetts to Los Angeles to Melbourne and incorporate varying degrees of emphasis on religion, environmentalism, fitness, cyclists' rights, and safety.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bikes rides this Saturday

Mast General Store and Smoky Mountain Wheelmen Bike Club will offer two bike rides this Saturday, April 16th in support of Legacy Park Foundation and Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness Challenge (www.legacyparks.org/) These rides are designed for anyone who is not participating in Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness Challenge but who would like to participate in a fun event to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Both rides will start and finish at Mast General Store, 402 S. Gay St.

The first ride starts at 10 A.M. and will be a 30 mile ride starting at Mast General Store and traveling through South Knoxville and past Ijams Nature Center up and over Bay Mountain then returning back to Gay Street. This will be a ride for a more experienced rider with good bike handling skills while riding on roads. A helmet is required and moderate speeds up to 15 mph will be reached. This is rolling terrain with some short uphill and fast descents. No one will be dropped from the ride.

The shorter ride will start at 11 A.M. and will be 8 to 10 miles in length. The ride will start and finish in front of Mast General Store on Gay Street. This ride will be at slower speeds and be on roads and greenways riding to Ijams Nature Center and returning back to Gay Street. A helmet is required, speeds will be slower and the ride will accommodate all skill levels. This is rolling terrain with some short hills and moderate downhill. No one will be dropped from the ride.

The start of both rides will be in front of Mast General Store, 402 S Gay Street. Parking is free at Market Square Garage and State Street Garage, and the ride will start on time so arrive early. If you have any questions or need additional information please contact Jim Richards at 546-1336 or jrichardsjr.tn@gmail.com

Legacy Parks Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which works to assure that our community enjoys exceptional recreational opportunities, natural beauty and open spaces, and that those assets exist for generations to come. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the services and amenities afforded by government funding and those that allow us to take full advantage of the incredible natural resources of our region. Founded in 2005, the Foundation works in collaboration with the City of Knoxville and Knox County Parks & Recreation Departments and other like-minded organizations to: • Secure funding for land acquisition, park improvements and recreation programs • Accept gifts of land • Provide for and maintain greenway and conservation easements • Advocate for parks and outdoor recreation Everyone can help. Gifts of land, financial contributions, deferred gifts, corporate matching programs and donations of products and services all support the Foundation's efforts to make ours a truly great community with great parks.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bikes & Blooms rides

Thanks to Dogwood Arts Festival, KnoxRevolution and Smoky Mountain Wheelmen for a successful Bikes & Blooms weekend! We had more than 45 people for the Ijams/Island Home ride on Saturday and more than 80 people on Sunday for the Sequoyah Hills ride. The gorgeous photos of Sunday's ride are by Elle Colquitt. You can find other photos on our facebook page, www.facebook.com/bikeknoxville

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oak Ridge bike rodeo

Oak Ridge Kids Bike Rodeo April 6, 2011 2:30 - 5:30 p.m. at Flatwater Grill on Melton Lake Thanks to all our volunteers! And thanks to Anderson County Health Dept and Coordinated School Health. Zig zag course
Course 3: driveway and intersection--learning to look both ways for cars!
Course 4: the crazy 8's

Course 1: starting, stopping, riding in a straight line, and looking back without swerving!
safety talk by Anderson County Fire Department
Bike safety checks by Cedar Bluff Cycles
Helmets and helmet fitting by Safe Kids of the Greater Knox Area
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Monday, March 21, 2011

March/April News

Weekly Rides (just a sampling!)

Social road ride
5 p.m.
avg 15 mph, 22 miles
Tennessee Valley Bicycles, noxRevolution

Beginner Greenway Ride
6 p.m.
Ten Mile Greenway trailhead in Wynnsong parking lot.

No drop road ride
5 p.m.
avg 14-19 mph pace and 20-30 miles.
Fountain City Pedaler
Call 357-1580 for details and to confirm.

Intermediate/advanced road ride
6:20pm avg 24 mph and 18 mpg groups, 30 miles, in paceline
Cedar Bluff Cycles, 692-1010

Road ride
9 a.m. - noon
avg 18-20 mph
The Bike Zoo, call 558-8455 to confirm

Sat, Mar 26
KnoxRevolution membership drive
2 - 4 p.m. at Barley's

Sat, April 16
Knoxville's Urban Wilderness Adventure Race and Citizens Race
Fundraiser for Legacy Parks

Sat, April 30
Ride the Plains bike ride

Movie screenings
Tues, Mar 22
8 p.m. at Barley's, 200 E Jackson Ave
Chasing Legends
Free, but donations accepted for Second Harvest Foodbank

Wed, March 30
7 p.m. at Relix, 1208 N. Central St.
Ride the Divide
Movie info
Fundraiser for the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club (AMBC)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update on Third Creek Greenway missing bridge

Just in from City of Knoxville:

They are working on getting a crane on site this week, but with this additional rain and flooding, it will likely have to be next week. They will keep us posted.

We forwarded a request to get Sutherland swept since bicyclists are having to detour around the missing bridge. The City will try to get to that soon. Most roads are very grit covered right now from the flood. City public service has been spending most of their time cleaning up parks and picking up flood damaged residential debris. They appreciate the bicycle community's patience while they deal with the tremendous amount of flood damage.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More March News

Foothill Striders is leading a beginner bike ride March 19th. Meet at Coulter’s Bridge at 9:00 AM. Helmets required. No one will be left behind! Contact Ernie Frey ernest.frey@comcast.net for more info.

More tandem pilots are needed for the Vision Camp on Saturday, March 26th from 9 a.m. until noon. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tandem bicycles provide visually impaired people with an ideal form of exercise and recreation. Pilots communicate what’s happening on the road ahead, including the length and grade of approaching hills, obstacles such as speed humps, upcoming turns, and when to slow down and stop. Bring any extra helmets you have. The Vision Camp location is 3208 LoBetti Road in Knoxville at the Jubilee Farms residence. For more info, call Sue at 230 2963. Please RSVP to Suebuckley25@comcast.net

West Bicycles will be hosting info tables for Race Day Events, Tour de Blount and Knox Revolution from March 10-12. http://www.westbicycles.com/

Monday, March 7, 2011

March Bicycle News

Lots of volunteers are busy making plans for Bike Month in May, but meanwhile, here are some upcoming events and weekly rides to tide you over!

Save the date for Sunday, May 22nd for the Festival from 2-5 p.m. at Tyson Park.

Shamrocks and Chamois ride
Sat, Mar 12
3:30 p.m.
Barley's, 200 E Jackson Ave
Led by Smoky Mountain Wheelmen. The ride is about 30 miles, with a pace of no faster than 15 mph. This is a celebration of St. Patrick's Day, so dress with that in mind. After the ride, gather at Barley's for food and socializing. Questions? Email roadcaptain@smwbike.org

Tues, March 22
7:30 p.m.screening of Chasing Legends movie
Barley's, 200 E. Jackson Ave
fundraiser for Second Harvest Food Bank

Sat, March 26
2 - 4 p.m.
KnoxRevolution membership drive
Barley's, 200 E. Jackson Ave

Bikes and Blooms rides (Dogwood Arts Festival)
Sat, April 9, 10 a.m.
Ijams Nature Center to Island Home.
Led by Smoky Mountain Wheelmen.

Sun, April 10, 2 p.m.
Laurel Church of Christ through Sequoayh Hills.
Led by KnoxRevolution.

Weekly Rides
SMW holds Tues, Thur and Fri rides. Details online.

River Sports has rides every other Tuesday at 6 p.m. Details online.

KnoxRevolution has weekly Monday rides starting from Tennesee Valley Bicycles, 214 W Magnolia, as well as rides on March 15, 16 and 17 http://www.knoxrevolution.com/events/events.html

Fountain City Pedaler's Thursday rides will be starting March 17th. Details online soon.

Find us on facebook!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Knoxville Bicycling News

Weekly Bike Rides

Helen Picou organizes Friday rides (weather permitting) at an enjoyable pace of 14mph or so. biker.binky@hotmail.com

SMW offers Thursday rides at 13-16 mph from Cycology Bicycles, 10:30 a.m., call for additional details 865-681-4183 - ask for Lindsay. 2408 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway. No one gets left behind!

SMW also offers 35- 40 mile Friday rides from Louisville Point Park; 15 to 17 mph. No one gets left behind!

Check their calendar for more rides and details:

River Sports has greenway rides every other Tuesday as part of their Training Program for the 2011 Urban Wilderness Challange. Front and rear lights required. 6:00 PM from the Earth Fare on Forest Park Blvd in Bearden

Bicycle Maintenance Classes

Wed, Feb 23 @ 7pm and Wed, March 23 @ 7pmCycology Bicycles, 2408 East Lamar Alexander Parkway, MaryvilleThis 2 hour class will cover tube and tire repair, adjusting gears and brakes, diagnosing loose bearing assemblies, bike cleaning and more. Participants will receive a goody bag with bike maintenance swag and a $20 gift card to the store. Participants will also have the opportunity to purchase maintenance products at 10% off the night of the class. (In stock items only) Cost is $25.00 per class. Space is limited to 6 people per class. Please call 865-681-4183 to sign up.

Feb 22 and every other Tues, 6 p.m.River Sports Bike Shop, 2918 Sutherland Ave 37919Have a squeak that won't go away? Gears shift on their own? Brakes that don't stop? Come find out how easy it is to DIY! Don't forget to BYOBike. Please RSVP by calling 865-523-0066,

From Elle Colquitt:
Jon just finished updating the map for Ross Marble Quarry with all the new trails completed this winter. There are several other trail updates plus some new trail systems in Oak Ridge. This link will take you to the updates page - then scroll down and click on the link to print off a pdf.http://miniadventureseries.com/updates.htm

The 5th and 6th KnoxieCross races are Feb 12th and 13th. Knoxiecross is a cyclocross racing series located locally here in Knoxville, with a total of 8 races. http://www.knoxiecross.com/wherewhen.html Cyclocross consists of many laps of a short (2.5-3.5 km or 1.5-2 mile) course featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike whilst navigating the obstruction and remount.

Short Track Racing
It's like cyclocross, BMX, criterium, mountain bike all put together. Racers go around a short track as many times as possible for 20-30 minutes, through mud, grass, wood, hay bales and other hoop-la. It's fun, fast, spectator-friendly, and it's coming to South Knoxville, starting Feb 26! http://tncupmtb.com/

Monday, February 7, 2011

Knoxville Bike Events

Bike Month is coming up in May, and I wanted to let you know about a few events. More details will be coming in March and April.

Friday, May 20th is Bike to Work Day

Sunday, May 22nd will be our first annual I Bike KNX Fest at Tyson Park from 2 - 5 p.m.

Also, there are a couple of fun bike rides coming up in April as part of the Dogwood Arts Festival:

Saturday, April 9th from Ijams and through Island Home, 10 a.m.
Sunday, April 10th from Laurel Church of Christ through Sequoyah Hills, 1:30 p.m.

Thanks to Smoky Mountain Wheelmen and Knox Revolution for leading these rides.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Share the light

I just saw this great idea in a letter to the editor in Bicycling magazine:

"Next time you upgrade your equipment, carry the old light in your jersey pocket or car -- and help someone else get home safely. There are plenty of folks who commute on bikes, often at non-daylight hours, and can't afford lights. On one morning ride, I passed a guy riding to work. He asked me where he could get a taillight like mine. I passed the same guy on my way home, and thought about an unused light I had. I went home, got it and caught up to him. He put it to use immediately."

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bicycle Dreams movie free showing

Reposting this from the smwbike.org forums for Bill Gillette:

Hey everybody, I'm Bill Gillette, leader of the local recumbent bicycle club and owner of Edge Recumbents, one of Tennessee's only bicycle manufacturersWe will be having a FREE screening of the movie 'Bicycle Dreams' the documentary on the Race Across America this Saturday night, Jan. 15 at PIPS Technology, 804 Innovation Drive, Knoxville. It is off of Dutchtown.There will be a potluck dinner at 6pm with the movie afterwards. Anybody who loves bicycling is invited, we just ask that you bring some type of covered dish or refreshment (non-alcohol...).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Way to go, Farragut!

The Town of Farragut is on the verge of requiring bike racks as part of new development. Seems like a simple thing to ask for, yet they would be the first in our area to make this part of their development codes. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting to adopt this is at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 13 at the Town Hall. It would be great if bicyclists were there to show support for this. So far there hasn't been any opposition but I would imagine it's quite possible that naysayers would show up at the last minute.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bicycle Program Meeting

Are you interested in helping with the Bicycle Program's education and encouragement events and programs? These include things like bike rodeos for kids, awareness campaigns for motorists, Bike Month, and much more. We're meeting next Tuesday, Jan 11 at noon in the City-County Building (400 Main St, 4th floor). We'll buy you lunch! Please let me know by this Thursday (Jan 6) if you plan to attend. I can also send you some background information before the meeting.