Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Local bicyclist attempting to set world records

Message from Gerry Eddlemon, who won the World Cup of UltraCycling earlier this year, and is looking for a little help to set some records:

Some of you may recall that I was all set to attempt several bicycling world records last May near Fayetteville, NC, but the Bladen County maintenance department tore up part of the course just three days before I was to make the attempts.

The weekend of November 5, I will once again attempt to set UltraMarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) records for the 100-mile, 200-mile, 12-Hour, and, body, soul, and God willing, the 24-Hr and 1000-Km (621 miles!) time trials in the GrandMasters Division over near White Oak, North Carolina, all as one big ride. White Oak is about 20 miles southeast of Fayetteville.

The 20-mile course, situated in in the beautiful, rural Carolina Bays area, has been approved and certified by the UMCA. The UMCA by the way, is the only world organization overseeing and certifying ultramarathon racing and record attempts. Only one cyclist is allowed to attempt these records at a given time.

However, one of the biggest and seemingly perennial challenges in making these record attempts is acquiring enough officials to be able to make the record attempts in accordance with UMCA rules.

If you have any interest at all in this kind of endeavor, I would be most appreciative, and honored, if you would consider serving as an official for these record attempts (it's easy, and no experience necessary!) beginning the morning of Nov. 5. I would be finishing morning of Nov. 6 or 7 if I have enough officials on hand for different shifts, but even if I have only two or three officials I am still allowed to go for the 100-mi, 200-mi, and 12-hour records. So, even if you can serve only on Nov. 5, that would still be most helpful.

All reasonable expenses related to this effort (UMCA membership fee, meals, gas, and lodging) will be reimbursed by me.
Anyone at least 21 years old can serve as a UMCA official. Officiating is quite simple and no experience is necessary. But would-be officials do have to read the rules.

If you think you, and your significant other if he or she is interested, might enjoy this kind of adventure (think of it as an all-expenses-paid vacation to the lovely Carolina Bays ; > ), please let me know at your earliest convenience because some simple forms must be received by the UMCA no later than the day before the event.

I will be glad to walk you by phone through the simple paperwork at the UMCA website: www.ultracycling.com

So far, everyone who has participated as officials or crew in my past record attempts with me has given every indication it was a fun and rewarding experience.
Those of you who do not know or remember me may well wonder if I have any idea of what I’m doing. Just so you know, I am most fortunate to be the current UltraMarathon World Cup Champion (“he said with blushing modesty. . .”), and, with 63 US state and Canadian province crossing records and time trial records, the UMCA has declared me the all-time UMCA record setter. If you have any interest in how an old guy of 65 managed to snatch a World Cup championship, please go to the UMCA on-line magazine:
I almost forgot, the UT Torchbearer on-line also did a recent story with photos on my world championship:

By the way, for what it's worth, the 10-day forecast calls for 69 deg and sunny at White Oak NC, but colder and wetter conditions here -- so I bet most of you would rather officiate a record attempt than ride!.
If I don't get enough officials for Nov. 5, I may try for Nov. 12, so if any of you are interested but unavailable on Nov. 5, let me know.
Hope to see you soon, if not November 5 or 6, then at a local ride.
All the best,