Thursday, April 24, 2008

Innovative Bike Parking

Check out this underground bicycle parking system in Tokyo--stores more than 9,000 bikes!

While not automated and not as cool, there are bicycle lockers in the Market Square parking garage available for day use. So if you're headed to Sundown and can't find a good place to lock your bike outside the gates, just remember to bring a padlock with you and stash your bike in one of the lockers. That way you don't have to hold your helmet all night or worry about your panniers getting broken into!

Some of the lockers are reserved for people to "rent" (at no cost) on a quarterly basis. These are geared toward bike commuters. The registration form is online.

Info on these lockers is at
and the ones at KAT Park and Ride lots (Cedar Bluff, Farragut, and Halls) is at

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