Friday, May 9, 2008

Running errands faster by bicycle!

The bicyclists, Adam Dattilo and Katie Ries, finished the 3rd annual Pedal Vs Metal Race in record time. They completed the three errands in 17 minutes! The motorists, Public Health Officer Martha Buchanan and MPC Director Mark Donaldson, took nearly 40 minutes to run the same errands. All racers followed the rules of the road. Specators were able to keep track of the racers' locations via GPS units. It made waiting at the finish line a lot more exciting to know where the participants were during the race.

Thanks to Sprint and the University of Tennessee's Office of Information Technology for their assistance!

This event was part of Smart Trips Month. Remember that Bike to Work Day is next Friday, May 16th. More info on the event at

Photos not available yet, but check soon.

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