Monday, February 23, 2009

Appalachian Mountain Bike Club Poker Derby

AMBC Royal Flush Poker Derby
Saturday March 21st, 2009.
Starts at high noon.

5 check points.
5 hour time limt

Route can be ridden mostly on Knoxville greenways or side streets. Faster riders will have an opportunity to hit 2 additional checkpoints for bonus cards. Also, there will be a 1 card bonus to the first rider at each check-point.You can play what ever cards you have; i.e. if you hit two checkpoints and get two aces, you don't need to get any other checkpoints if you don't want to. The additonal checkpoints will force you to race the clock to make it back in 5 hours.

Begin and end at the old Bi-Lo in Bearden. Mexican Restaurant is there for tacos! Yazoo Brewery will be sponsoring the ride and donating prizes. After-party to be announced soon. All proceeds to benefit AMBC's tool fund.

5 check-points that you can hit in any order:
-Bike Zoo (no bonus card here, due to their proximity to start)
-Cedar Bluff Cycles
-Fountain City Pedaler
-Tennessee Valley Bikes

Also, there will be two bonus check points, which are only valid if you get all 5 check points. You can get these in any order, but you have to get all 5 checkpoints to count the bonus card. The rest of your hand would still count, but bonus cards will have a different back to them, so we will know to discard that one if you didn't make every checkpoint.
-West Bicycles
-(not announced yet)

updates on the ride will be announced at: and

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