Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekly Update

The marketing/programs committee met yesterday. We're looking for your ideas on how to get the word out to bicyclists AND motorists about the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists on the roads. Share your suggestions here, or come to the next meeting (I'll post the meeting on here.)

Contest alert!!!! The Bicycle Program needs a logo, don't you think? Wouldn't you like to be the lucky one to say, "yeah, that's mine" when someone says "Hey, what a cool logo!" Send entries to kelley.segars@knoxtrans.org by August 31, and we will select 10 for a public vote.

Smart Trips is looking for a new program coordinator. The job notice is at http://www.knoxtrans.org/about/employ.htm


Eric said...

Maybe posters along common bike routes and downtown that could get the message across to people driving in a car.

Free "3 foot" jersey's would be nice. It'll turn every cyclist into a rolling billboard. Though it may make motorist mad because it's a pompous solution.

I'd suggest a billboard but the only billboards I ever see are on the highways, which are not bike routes. The message might not get across to motorists that actually encountering cyclists daily or weekly.

I think the most important thing is to educate motorists on the road somehow. An ad in the paper or on TV may not be as affective because, while nearly all TV viewers/ newspaper readers are motorist, not all motorists are TV viewers/newspaper readers.

Focusing on downtown is faulty as well since the people that visit downtown are a small subset of our population and are most likely already educated on the laws.

I see metal "Share the Road" signs around town a little bit. I'd suggest putting the 3-foot law on the sign because people have different ideas on how to share.

Until the incident reporting site is live you should provide an email address for reporting incidents that way you can see where to focus your efforts with signage.

Eric said...

Can we have signs like this everywhere?


kelley said...

That sign is not yet approved for use nationally. We hope sometime in 2010 that it will be.

Nelson said...

Billboards aren't necessarily found only along the interstate; they are also around other major streets in town such as Kingston Pike. That being said, IIRC they are extremely expensive, although I don't know if it's possible to perhaps get a billboard as a public service announcement when the owner can't find a commercial advertisor. I do remember seeing a DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE one a while ago.

Speaking of which, it would be great if a series of cycling safety messages can be placed into the 1620 AM TDOT station as part of their rotation. They had an anti-DUI message a while ago, followed by reminders of the "move over for stopped emergency vehicles law." So unless there are recent incidents they're reporting, various safety messages are definitely part of the broadcast, and cycling safety can be incorporated into it.

The jerseys are a wonderful idea IMHO, and they can even be sold for money. They'd be even better if they were fluorescent green for added safety.