Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good sign

As I was biking over to UT for a meeting this morning, there was a bicyclist behind me. Then suddenly along Clinch, there were 5 of us biking in a row! A bike train, here in Knoxville. I was so proud. Plus, four of us were wearing helmets! Unfortunately, I seemed to be the only one that obeyed all the stop signs and traffic signals.

How can we get the word out to bicyclists that the traffic laws do apply to us and that it's for our own safety? When motorists see us breaking the law, the message is "look at that crazy person--running red lights, jumping up on the sidewalk for one block then back on the street--they don't belong on the road." We have to show respect to get respect.


Anonymous said...

How about an organized "Courteous Mass" ride? Other cities have done this and it seems to make friends and get the message out that there are some responsible cyclists aout there. It is at least worth a try.

kelley said...

We have two rides a year organized by the Bicycle Program. There are several other rides throughout the year that are less official, but are hopefully courteous.

Anonymous said...

great thing i've found this,