Friday, February 26, 2010

Some March Updates

Bicycle Rentals on Volunteer Landing will start back up sometime late March 2010 or early April 2010. Visit for updates. Tell your visiting friends this Spring!

Another March event:
Volunteer opportunities with the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon as a Course Marshall cyclist may be available. I was a bicyclist course monitor for a couple years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Event date is Sunday, March 28th. Check out or call 865-684-4294 if you may be interested in volunteering.

Besides being a commuter bicyclist, I am a graduate student in the Anthropology department at the University of Tennessee. Came across an interesting read:
From Bipedalism to Bicyclism: Evolution in Energetics and Biomechanics of Historic Bicycles. Alberto E. Minetti, John Pinkerton, Paolo Zamparo. Proceedings: Biological Sciences. Vol. 268, No. 1474(Jul. 7, 2001), pp. 1351-1360.

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