Friday, July 9, 2010

Bike and Buses

The morning bike commute is ok, but by the time you leave work, it's 98 degrees....what to do? How about taking the bus home? Oh, but what to do about your bike?

Your bike can ride on the front of the bus!

But you've never used one of the racks on the front of the bus and aren't sure how it works. Don't worry, it's very simple. We have handy instructions in our Bicycle Commute Guide on page 22.

Plus, there is a bus parked at the transfer point on Main Street (in front of the City-County Building) for passengers who need A/C. You're welcome to practice loading your bike on that bus's rack.

You may be concerned about whether your bike will stay on--it doesn't seem like a completely secure system. But I have ridden the 90 Crosstown from Middlebrook to the mall and back to downtown with my bike on the front, no problem!

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Chris Eaker said...

When I lived in North Knoxville, I used to ride the Cedar Bluff Express almost every day with my bike on front. It actually is very sturdy. You can even lock your bike if you want the security of knowing no one could walk up and run off with your bike at a bus stop.