Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exciting Progress!

We are in the midst of giving a "Sharing the Road with Bicyclists" presentation to all Knox County high school drivers education classes. It would not be possible without the dedication of eleven volunteers! We present in teams of two. Each school takes an entire day of work, so you can see how much effort it takes when you multiply that by eight schools. We plan to continnue this every semester because it is a valuable message to get out to this age group. If you want to help out next semester, please let me know! It's a lot of fun interacting with the students and hearing the questions they come up with.

We have unveiled our "I Bike" awareness campaign targeted at motorists (see photo!). If you're at Regal Cinemas, Pinnacle, look for Sherry Wiles' smiling face on the right side of the lobby. Linda Gray will soon be featured at West Town Mall. When I was putting the banner out at Regal, there were many people stopping to look at it, so I think it's going to be successful at conveying our message. A huge thank you to Smoky Mountain Wheelmen for sponsoring this campaign.
(We were inspired by the "And We Bike" campaign in Oregon,


Louis de waal said...

Excellent campaign - good luck
Bicycling Empowerment Network
South Africa

gord said...

Cool. It's just unfortunate that the photo perpetuates the notion that you have to be fit and dressed in spandex to bicycle, and that the caption aligns cycling with leisure-time activities.

kelley said...

Actually, the other banner has a bicyclist dressed in street clothes. And Sherry is a leisure time bicyclist. Linda, our other model, talks about being a grandmother and a bicyclist. Grandmothering isn't just leisure time! = )

Anthony C. Siracusa said...

Hi Kelley-

Nice work! Love the campaign and the poster.

Anthony Siracusa