Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We just heard about Bill, who lost more than 65 pounds by getting on a bicycle! In his own words:

My bicycle was purchased and "stored in the garage" for three years. Following a negative doctor's visit, I decided changes had to be made. No magic pill, ointment, or procedure...I just decided to do what I've heard countless times: "Eat right, and exercise." I fell in love with biking while visiting area neighborhood parks & trails. Each trail offers its own spin to my healthier lifestyle. What I enjoy about biking is that it continues to challenge as I mature as a biker. Hills are no longer barriers, but challenges! My speed, endurance, and drive to maintain is constantly growing with each turn of the pedal.

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Cynthia Clark said...

Wow, Bill. Look at you! Seeing the numbers on FB isn't nearly as great as seeing YOU! What a terrific change ... you're really an inspiration.