Friday, February 8, 2008

Gold star bicyclist!

Talk about a dedicated bicyclist. Ryan went out with a shovel and cleared Third Creek Greenway behind West High. It had become overrun with mud, making for a slippery ride. It's now safe to ride again, thanks to Ryan!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan. I came through there last Sunday and picking a line to ride through was challenging to say the least. I'm a little embarrassed that all I did afterward was go home and watch the Superbowl. Never thought about getting out a shovel to clear the way for the next guy...

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks Ryan!

I biked that greenway yesterday, so I owe you too.

Another problem on Third Creek is the recurrence of the racist grafitti on the Slippery When Wet signs at the bridge near where the greenway comes in from Sutherland. I'll be contacting the city about cleaning it up.

Anonymous said...

You are all very welcome. I hope all that stuff doesn't wash right back onto the trail after the next rain storm.

I've got another project in the works that should help with some of the sticks/leaves that build up on certain parts of the trail. I'll get Kelley the details once I get all the bugs worked out but if it works it'll be awesome.

I wonder if a coat of automotive wax on the signs would make clearing future grafitti as easy as wiping it off?

I'm sorry for overloading your inbox. I just got a new camera and I didn't realize how large those pictures are. I'll resize them before I send them in the future.

Pedal on,
Ryan Cooper

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,

Re: the wax, I'll mention that to the city sign shop guys.

Thanks for the tip!

Dave Penegar said...

Thank you! Rode it yesterday and was much safer-almost ate @*it last week in same spot. Please let me know next time-I live near by and could come down with my shovel and help. I was actually contemplating a clean up just prior to your AWESOME effort!
Dave Penegar

Anonymous said...

Back when I was "sherif of Fort Sanders" I used to use Goof Off on graffiti. Doing a Google search on 'graffiti remover' yields up lots and lots of good products - several of them environmental-friendly too :-) You don't have to wait for someone to "do something" about taggers and/or illegal flyering. Just clean it up yourself just like Ryan did with the mud.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ryan!

I've still got mud on my bike from that mudhole. I was glad to see it got cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

I just talked to the city's greenway coordinator, Donna Young, whom I know Kelley had spoken with about this problem, and she said there was a clogged-up pipe under Tobler that's responsible for the greenway getting overrun with mud.

The city's unclogged it for the time being.

In the long run, Donna said, the city's looking at rerouting the greenway a little farther from the creek.

Unknown said...

I really appreciate this ryan, i bike that route on my daily commute and have always taken it for granted that the trail was clear.