Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day Bike Ride

From the KnoxVegasBikeForum on Yahoo Groups:

KNOXVILLE CYCLISTS! Get ready for the LOVE PARADE! Join us and other cyclists to celebrate Valentine's Day. Meet at the Sunsphere on Clinch Ave around 6 p.m.. We're riding around Downtown, including visits to UT Campus, 4th &Gill Neighborhood, the Old City and Market Square. Handmade Valentines will be handed out to Businesses/Points of interest in Knoxville that we love! There will be music along the way....dressing up and decorating bikes is encouraged.

To join the knoxvegasbikeforum group:

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Anonymous said...

The ride last night was a lot of fun. My sincere thanks to the folks who put it together. It was great to meet some new people and enjoy a new (to me) part of town by bicycle.

I also learned an important lesson last night. I had to leave the ride a bit early to go spend some time with my wife since it was Valentines Day. I'm not familiar with the urban parts of Knoxville so I asked the group what the best way to get back to the SunSphere was. "Go down Gay St. to the second light, turn onto Clinch Ave. and it'll take you straight there." That sounds easy enough. Apparently not for someone as "directionally challenged" as I am. The lesson came when I turned the wrong way onto Clinch. I rode the wrong way down a one way street and ended at the bottom of a very steep hill. Oops.

I did make it back up the hill and got home safe. I think I need to get a compass mounted to my handlebars.

Pedal on,
Ryan Cooper