Friday, July 17, 2009

More Updates

More intersection testing today. Discovered that the loops at World's Fair Park/Jackson/Broadway were cut during resurfacing and haven't been fixed yet. And at 5th and Broadway, there is video detection, which is normally great news for bicyclists, but in this case, the video wasn't set up to detect the rightmost lane westbound (or the center lane eastbound, but that shouldn't affect bicyclists). The City will work on getting both of those issues fixed.

Yesterday I attended a meeting of the Downtown North Streetscapes Committee. If you have any comments on how Broadway and Central corridors should look and function (sidewalks, street trees, bike lanes, building form, where parking is located, etc), you can email More info will be posted on soon, I expect. The committee basically looked at large-scale, detailed maps of the area and added notes about areas of concern and areas that we like. I made some comments about crossings that are hard for bicyclists and pedestrians, and the most common ways bicyclists travel through and across the area. The area under discussion is between Broadway/Central intersection up toward Woodland.

Those of you in Farragut may have noticed work is underway for a widening of Campbell Station Rd between Kingston Pike and the section that is already wide. Good news in that this project will include bike lanes!

I met with UT Cartography about creating some route maps that show UT campus to Bearden, and UT Campus to downtown and Old City. This is in preparation for "UT Bikes" Day on Wed, Sept 2nd. UT Outdoors Program and Make Orange Green are going to have various events that day, as well as group rides to Bearden and downtown, to show students how to get there by bike.


Anonymous said...

Bike lanes! Woot!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Bike Lanes!!!!