Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekly Update

Sorry I didn't get an update done last week--I had to take Lily to the doctor. Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. Lily and I watched the start of the Freedom Thighs bike ride. We can't wait to participate next year! Great job, Monika.

So, last week, I met with the UT Outdoors Program and Sustainability Coordinator about a bike event for Tues, Sept 1st. There will be rides, bike repair, and classes. Fun! Anyone have experience with guerilla marketing?

We met with City Parks and Rec and City Engineering about Phase II of the greenway signage project. We got wayfinding signs installed on Third Creek Greenway and are now working on Neyland, James White and Second Creek greenways. Hope to have them in by the end of the summer.

This week I am working on grant applications so we can continue the Smart Trips program. It's a good time to reassess what has worked and think about new ideas to try out. Especially now that the long Commuter Challenge is over.

A subcommittee of the Bicycle Advisory Committee is meeting tomorrow to talk about performance measures--how do we tell if our actions are accomplishing anything? We do bike counts twice a year at several locations. What else can we measure, and how do we know if we caused the change or something else (like high gas prices) did it? Tough topic.

Happy biking,

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