Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bicycle Program Update

The spring bicycle/pedestrian counts will take place at 9 intersections on April 6 by Dr. Gene Fitzhugh’s ES 350 class. Previous counts dating back to 2005 are available at

Ellen and Kelley are developing a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the City of Oak Ridge. The first round of public comments has been compiled, and the task force is working on prioritizing proposed projects.

Kelley is serving on the Transportation subcommittee of the UT Campus Master Plan update process. She will be representing bicycle issues, as well as other transportation modes.

Kelley is working with City of Knoxville traffic engineering on signing three bicycle routes. The routes connect Cedar Bluff & West Hills, Knoxville Zoo & Caswell Park, and Harvest Park/Knoxville Center Mall & North Knoxville to downtown & UT.

Ellen is working with City of Knoxville on Phase II of the greenway signage project on Neyland, James White and Second Creek greenways. Kelley is beginning work on Phase III, including Gallaher, Jean Teague and Bearden Villlage. (Ph III has to coordinate with the bike route project, since the West route uses greenways for a large part of the way.)

The 2009 Regional Bicycle Plan has been adopted by MPC and goes before City Council and County Commission in April. Though the plan was already adopted by the TPO Executive Board, this process will raise awareness of the plan at the local level. Kelley will send out info soon on how you can show support of the plan to Council and Commission.

The Bicycle Advisory Committee is beginning work on an awareness campaign that involves placement of lifesize cutouts in public locations, with the message that bicyclists are your friends, neighbors and family members. If you would like to be featured on one of these cut outs, please email

Kelley is presenting at KPD inservice each Friday on bicycle enforcement issues (targeted both at motorists and bicyclists). Mike Winck is assisting with two of the Fridays so that Kelley can have a break!

Lastly, please submit photos of you or your family biking to work, or biking in one of our past rides, to be used on our facebook page as the Bicycle Program's profile picture. You can post to our wall or email to me.

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