Thursday, June 25, 2009

4th of July ride

it's that time of the year. it is time to dig out your most patriotic outfit, get some red white and blue tinsel for your bike, and come ride your bike through the streets of Knoxville in style. let's show people how real patriots get around town with none of that gasoline money going to those oil-rich yet democracy-deficient countries around the world. we've got people power up in here, because America is the Saudi Arabia of THIGHS! and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

WHEN: Saturday, the 4th of July. 2pm bike and rider decoration party begins. 4pm ride departs.
WHERE: The Birdhouse (800 N. 4th Ave)
DRESS: to impress. we will have decorative "freedom wings" available ($3 suggested donation). also, if you have a surplus of American-themed decorations please bring them to share with others.
ROUTE: we're open to suggestions, but we will definitely hit up the close-in neighborhoods, Downtown, and World's Fair Park

see you out there, patriots!

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