Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Blog Feature!

I’m trying something new—I’ll be letting you know what I’m working on each week. Today, for instance, I have been in communication with the Sustainability Coordinator at UT about where new bike racks are needed. UT purchased 150 racks a few years ago through our grant program (the business or agency only has to pay 20% of the actual cost of bike racks!), but bicycling numbers have increased since then and there seems to be demand for more racks. One issue, though, is that the racks around dorms are full of mostly un-used bikes.

We also talked about setting up bike tours for freshmen, just before classes start, showing them around campus, and how to get downtown and to Bearden. We may also offer bike safety classes (Confident City Cycling) at UT next year as well.

The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) is about to start implementation of the recently adopted 2009 Bicycle Plan.
If you are interested in helping us improve bicycling, email me at

Ellen in my office and I are talking about how to get developers (and KUB) to think about pedestrians and bicyclists during construction work. We hope to work on some standards to be adopted by local governments. She and I have also been working on the next phase of greenway signage. If you have been on Third Creek Greenway and seen the directional signs and new maps at the trailheads, that’s what we’re doing on Neyland, James White and Second Creek greenways now. It’s much more complicated than anyone could imagine so it takes awhile.

Some bicyclists around the state are hoping to start a Tennessee bicycle advocacy organization. They are meeting August 8th at 9 a.m. in Nashville, and one of our BAC members is attending. He has room in his car, so let me know if you want to join in the fun.

Check back soon for updates! And let me know if this is too much info, not enough, or just right. I'm trying to just hit the highlights.


Eric said...

Can we get some bike racks on Central in old city? Those lamp posts are a pain to hitch your bike too. Hell I'll pay $30 to stick one outside Old City Java if I have too.

kelley said...

The issue is sidewalk width. You have to have room for bicycle handlebars, plus room for pedestrians/wheelchair users to pass by. There isn't room on the sidewalks along Central for bike racks. We've put them where they fit already.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I can't find any info on "Knoxville By Cycle" for 2009... Are we not doing it this year? :-(


kelley said...

Sorry, but no. We decided to concentrate on the Neighborhood Bike Ride (this year will be the 9th!) in the fall and Tour de Lights in December. The summer series was fun, but a lot of work to organize, and not enough people were showing up to justify all the behind-the-scenes work.

Anonymous said...

Is N 6th ave scheduled for repaving as part of the smart fix 40 plan??? It is a designated bike route with a very wide shoulder, but the road conditions are poor.

kelley said...

I'll check on that and post when I find out.

Anonymous said...

Re: Knoxville By Cycle

You guys should still print up those excellent shirts! Those were awesome, especially the artwork. I get comments on them virtually every time I wear them (which is often, actually).

Either way, too bad, but no worries. Keep up the good work!


Nelson Chen said...

Something that was done up at the University of Michgian, with regard to abandoned bikes outside of dorms is this: have an ordinance forbidding the keeping of bikes at the same place for more than 48 hours straight. Then, say every few months or so, go around and tag bikes that haven't been moved in 48 hours. If the owners don't move them in say another week, impound them.